About us

Fueltransferpumps.biz was created to bring high quality products to consumers of fuel transfer pumps, meters, tank level indicators, fuel management systems and technology.

With the expected increase in the price of fuel, its handling and management becomes more even more critical. Proper fuel transfer and metering equipment will help save money and make for a clean environment by avoiding spills.

Fuel transfer pumps come in all kinds of brands, sizes, pump construction and deliver fuel at different flow rates. Fuel transfer pumps are usually sold with either a manual or automatic nozzle. In some instances, they are sold as a “pump only” unit.

Well known PIUSI Fuel Transfer Pumps meet stationary and mobile fuel transfer pump needs with a variety of AC, DC, hand pumps, flow meters and accessories for most applications.

With PIUSI Fuel Transfer Pumps, you can take reliability and pumping power wherever you need it. From portable use to tank and barrel mounting, DC pumps from PIUSI make transferring fluids safe and trouble-free where AC power is not available.

We look forward to serving your needs with the best technology, quality and customer service.