Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we manufacture manual and automatic nozzles, pumps and flowmeters that are compatible with AdBlue (Urea).
Select products that are compatible with Urea from our catalogue.

Our pumps have been tested with Colza and sunflower oil. There are many types of Biodiesel available on the market, the chemical composition of which is unknown. Many manufacturers use additives that could be aggressive and, therefore, not compatible with the materials of our pumps and/or flowmeters.
Before using the pumps with biodiesel, always make sure that it is a product that is supplied with a composition certificate, and ask the seller to confirm that the product is compatible with our pumps.

We have a complete range of pumps for Colza oil with different flow rates and characteristics. To give a general idea, we have the following products:
Self Service MC Electronic Flowmeter, Access only to authorized users, Flow rate 60 l/min
ST Cassetta Vicomat 90 K600 Electronic Flowmeter, Flow rate 60 l/min
DRUM Viscomat 70 Mechanical Flowmeter, Flow rate 30 l/min
For product characteristics, refer to the technical datasheets available on our web site

As part of our range, we have some flowmeters for oil applications that are approved for sale to the public. The approved products, and countries in which they are approved, are as follows:
KA500 Germany (PTB), Italy (Central Metric Office), Austria (BEV), Estonia (TIJ), Finland (VJA), India (Central Metric Office), KA475 Germany (PTB), Italy (Central Metric Office), Austria (BEV), Estonia (TIJ), Finland (VJA), Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, KA400 Germany (PTB), KA400 Pulser Germany (PTB)

Our pumps have ministerial approval in accordance with Italian Ministerial Decree 31.07.1934 paragraph I n. XVII, and subsequent amendments

We do not manufacture petrol pumps, only diesel pumps.
Upon request, we can offer a pump with a flow rate of 80 lt/min fitted with fireproof motor (EEX), which has been designed to dispense diesel if installed in areas where there is a risk of explosion.
You should request product P80 EEX which, for the moment, is not part of our price list.

Precision varies from product to product and, for each flow meter, it is defined within the reference flow rate range. As a general rule, subject to verification on the product datasheet, we can summarize the accuracy of the flowmeters that we manufacture as follows:
Electronic flowmeters with oval gears +/- 0.5% (e.g. K200 – K900)
Electronic turbine flowmeters +/- 1% (e.g. Turbinox)
Mechanical flowmeters with oval gears +/- 1% (e.g. KM)
Mechanical nutating-disc flowmeters +/- 0.5% (e.g. K33, K44)

All our pumps are fitted with a bypass valve that limits the maximum pressure to a preset value.
As a general rule we can say that:
Max discharge head for diesel pumps with DC motors and DC diesel distribution units is 1.5 bar
Max discharge head for diesel pumps with AC motors and AC diesel dispensers is 3 bar
Max discharge head for oil pumps with DC motors is from 5 to 10 bar
Max discharge head for oil pumps with AC motors is from 12 to 25 bar

The pumps are self-priming. They can draw liquid from a depth of up to 2 metres without a foot valve. For greater suction heads, we recommend that a foot valve be installed, which allows for a suction head of up to 4 metres.