Grease meter nozzle. PIUSI Greaster oz/lb with rigid spout and Z-swivel

Grease meter nozzle by PIUSI
Greaster oz/lb by PIUSI with rigid spout and Z-swivel  LCD by PIUSI displayed
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Grease meter nozzle

GREASTER is a new dispensing nozzle for grease, equipped with an oval-gear weight meter. The flow-rate of grease nozzles depends on the specific working conditions:
• resistance to the entry of new grease, which depends on many factors (conduit diameter, working temperature, possible clogging, etc.);
• pump efficiency.
Measuring the actual amount of grease only according to the time required for dispensing, may result in approximation errors both by defect or by excess.
Thanks to GREASTER the exact amount of grease dispensed by the nozzle is no longer measured according to an empirically method, but can be accurately determined and displayed on a LCD. Thanks to its compact size and low weight GREASTER can replace normal grease dispensers, also offering the following advantages:
• it guarantees the correct and exact execution of the greasing operation by displaying the resettable batch total dispensed;
• it stores grease consumption by reckoning and displaying the cumulative total amount dispensed.


• Operating pressure: (max) 550 bar.
• Burst pressure: (min) 1600 bar.
• Metering accuracy: ± 3%.

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