PIUSI K400 ELECTRONIC FLOW METER by Piusi - Electronic Oval Gear Meters

K400 ELECTRONIC FLOW METER by PiusiPIUSI K400 ELECTRONIC FLOW METER shown with Easy Oil for Oil MeteringPIUSI K400 ELECTRONIC FLOW METER shown with Easy Oil for Oil Metering
SKU: F0048000A
Price: $99.80

Oval gear meter K400 FLOW RATE: 0.26 - 8 GPM with an accuracy or +/- .5% and Max. Operating Pressure of 1000 psi

The electronic oval gear meters for product delivery control and measurement are used in the private distribution of low, medium and high viscosity fluids such as fuel, lubrication oil and other special fluids compatible with the construction materials. The oval gear measuring principle adopted offers high precision and low pressure losses together with a compact lightweight design and easy installation.

An electronic card with microprocessor permits control of the display and calibration of the meter. A complete range of models is designed to satisfy all flow rate requirements.

Ease of use, compactness and the independent battery power supply make these products suitable for installation in both stationary systems on fluid transfer and distribution lines and in mobile applications as an accessory for delivery valves and guns and for all other industrial applications that require fluid delivery control.


• Precision ± 0.5 % in flow rate range
after calibration
• Repeatibility 0.2%
• Pressure loss < 0.5 bars (7 psi) at max flow rate