VISCOMAT 200/2 Gear Pump by Piusi for oil and lubricants in110V 60HZ

Piusi Gear Pump VISCOMAT 200
Piusi Gear Pump VISCOMAT 200 GEARPiusi Gear Pump VISCOMAT 200
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Gear-type oil pumps

VISCOMAT gear pumps have been designed as modern, effective solutions for the various requirements of pumping oils and lubricants. Thanks to the several available models VISCOMAT satisfies the need to:
• transfer quantities of product at medium pressure between tanks;
• guarantee good flow rates at high pressure in applications in which the pump must supply the reeling drums of fixed, "in-line" oil distribution systems on fixed pumping systems;
Common features of all models are:
• quiet operation,
• regularity of flow characterized by the absence of pulsations,
• closed-delivery operation option thanks to the incorporated adjustable BYPASS,
• high suction capacity,
• compact design.

Performance Characteristics

• Flow rates from 9 to 14 l/min (2,4 to 3,7 gal/min).
• Pressures from 12 to 25 bar (170 to 355 psi).
• Continuous operation.
• Noise less than 70 dB.

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